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Dos Amigos Of Lenoir is the number one provider of Mexican food in Lenoir, NC. Of all the foreign foods popularized in American culture, very few are consumed as much as Mexican.

The popularity comes with pros and cons. We are extremely excited and optimistic to see how many Mexican restaurants are originating and evolving in the United States. It makes us proud and elevates our standard of work.

However, the proliferation of these institutions has made it more difficult to locate the same authentic food items that are found in Mexico. The latest Mexican restaurants that are popping up generally incorporate American or other foreign tastes in their dishes. These culinary products might not be what you find in our country of origin. Dos Amigos Of Lenoir is dedicated to the presence of traditional Mexican gastronomy in the modern age.

Even though we utilize cutting-edge techniques to make our work faster, we make sure that the only ingredients used to develop our menu are the same ones our ancestors worked with. This is evident in our extremely flavorful burritos. These dishes are the pinnacle of personalization. You can choose to have a corn or flour tortilla, type of beans, vegetables, chile, salsa, and more. No matter what combination you choose from Dos Amigos Of Lenoir, we guarantee fresh ingredients and a taste to remember.

When it comes to the communal Mexican culinary experience, there is no better choice than tacos. These food dishes are the pinnacle of effectiveness in simplicity. With both hard and soft shell options, you can be sure that your tacos are made exactly to your preference. These are one of the few food items that both vegans and meat eaters can enjoy to the fullest.

When heat is your absolute need, fajitas from Dos Amigos Of Lenoir are the excellent choice. These items pack a punch both in temperature and spiciness. Underneath the heat, there is a natural and fresh flavor. All of our authentic traditional dishes are grounded in authentic taste before we add more flavor profiles.

Choose an authentic culinary experience to remember. Stop by Dos Amigos Of Lenoir today.

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