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At Dos Amigos Of Lenoir, we are fully committed to being a welcome destination for old school Mexican food. Our restaurant is comprised of the most passionate and hard working chefs, hosts, and servers in the industry. All of our workers adore Mexican food and have deep roots in Latino culture. This is much more than a job to us. We grew up with this food. It is what our parents used to cheer us up after a difficult day, and our parents learned these dishes from their parents.

The cooking techniques used at “Dos Amigos, Authentic Mexican Cuisine” come from traditions passed down through multiple generations. When you examine the evolution of Mexican cuisine, you are observing the history of the country’s culture and people. The latest step of this evolution is available to you at our location.

Even though our professional chefs have a strong commitment to the old world cooking styles, we are constantly educating ourselves on modern cooking techniques to make our services quicker, and our dishes more ambitious.

When we first enjoyed the dishes on our menu, it was in our family home with friends and loved ones, surrounded by ambient music and laughter. It is our genuine pleasure to offer this unique experience to our customers. Invite your friends and family to the hottest Mexican restaurant in Lenoir, NC.

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